Western Civilisation

22 July 2020/ Uncategorized

New Hope Capital is pleased to announce it’s association with Stetson Family Office and essentials in Education. New Hope Capital brought to Australia the Teaching the Bible in Schools programme that has been developed in the US for teaching in US Public Schools.

Research conducted by Essentials in Education has consistently shown that young people today do understand the foundations of our civilisation and the role that the Bible has played in creating that foundation. This has led to a situation where young people are at risk of loosing the very thing that has built the systems that have provided for their current prosperity. Once lost then it will not just be for a generation but for many generations.


Some of the fundamental aspects of our current civilisation that our young people don’t understand are:

  1. The important link between the Bible and the United Nations, which was set up as a result of the Atlantic Treaty, negotiated between Churchill and Roosevelt prior to the USA coming into WW2;
  2. The link between the Bible and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  3. The more that 2,000 references to the Bible in the works of Shakespeare
  4. The links between the Bible and our legal and political systems.

In a survey of English literature professors in the USA, 99% of them indicated that it was not possible to have a rounded education without understanding the Bible.

To find out more information about Essentials in Education please visit their website. https://www.essentialsineducation.org/

For more information about hoe New Hope International is helping to bring the Essentials in Education materials into Australia’s primary and high school curriculums please contact John Frisken at [email protected]