Technology for Education

22 July 2020/ Uncategorized

John Frisken is Vice Chair of New Hope International, an organisation which provides training in the educational framework around Christian Education.  Globally Australia has been recognised for some years as the leaders in this field and have published the framework in a series of three textbooks and accompanying field manuals for undertaking the training. Training over the past 15 years has been provided in 17 countries and current projects focus around Africa and Indonesia, which have a requirement for teachers to be trained in 20,000+ and 6,000 schools respectively - that’s around 1,000,000 teachers in these two areas alone. The framework training is currently available in English, French and Bahasa Indonesian. To assist with the rollout of this training, NHC is working with NHI and associated schooling bodies to deliver an IT platform to assist with making the framework available to teachers, tools to assist with developing curriculum plans that meet the various State Based requirements within a Christian World View, and various methods to allow teachers to assist one another with blogs and related resources. Once rolled out the system known as Learn IT SafeNet will be a resource for teachers in 60,000 schools to deliver relevant Christian learning to well over 50 million students across the globe, and embracing potentially 200 million students, teachers, parents and guardians.