SafeNet Consulting Solutions


Building systems and IT infrastructure that offer you maximum protection and safety on the internet is a significant concern. SafeNet is an innovative concept in child safety that ensures that children are safe and remain away from malicious content on the internet, not only at school but also outside school as well. Implementing SafeNet consulting solutions sets up a system of ‘Black sites’ that blocks pornographic and other “R” rated sites. It is a unique way of filtering content on the online medium, keeping in mind their suitability for minor web users.

There are also ‘White sites’ that can be accessed without restriction and access to all other sites are permitted but tracked and reported. On a regular basis, children sit down with accountability partners to review the sites reported. Sites accessed in this manner are tracked and then enlisted whether kids are at schools, home or on other public or private hotspots.

Such a system can be implemented to ensure that children get to see on the internet valuable content that has information, knowledge, entertainment and fun. It is also a measure to set up a defence mechanism to shield cyber attacks and data breaches that are often coupled with such pornographic content.

If you want to set up such a robust system to protect your child from viewing harmful content on the internet SafeNet is definitely the right choice. Talk to our experts today!