Global Education Consultancy


We understand it can be quite a challenging task choosing the right course from a diverse range of study options and courses. Moreover, it’s crucial to select the right counsellor to guide you on the right path. After having spent years in education management consultancy, we provide students with tailor-made career pathways that fit their profiles and future goals perfectly.

The most important thing is to select a career path that suits you and following your interest and skill set. Why go into engineering when your passion is in into arts or cooking? New Hope Capital assists students in proper career planning and counselling such that the student can make the right decision for themselves. For the educational institutions, we offer strategic consultations that help them to become institutions of excellence leveraging best resources. We offer you a plethora of services from finding the right courses and universities to connecting you with the right network of educators and visa and migration experts too.

Why Educational Consultancy Services Matter?

There can be nothing better than finding the right thing at the right place more so when Australia is flooded with world-class universities and educational institutions teaching almost all popular courses that are in huge demand around the world. Coupled with massive competition students across the globe look for getting enrolled in Australian universities. With expert global education consultancy, a strategic approach can be developed to find the right path for you so that you take only the right steps towards your goals. With our expert guidance, it’s easy and becomes entirely effortless for you.

In the case of educational institutions with sustainable growth and profitability as strategic imperatives, we provide a cumulative overview of both regional and global education markets, local market demand, and the competitive landscape. It will help to reveal commercial opportunities and relationships in the realm of global education consultancy, which is an indispensable step in establishing and reinforcing regional and international presence. We tap into our partnerships across the education network in innovation, capital, talent and impact. Our well-knit global network puts us in a unique position to support our clients in strategy development, classified equity investments, mergers and acquisitions, and also other areas.

Find out how our expert educational consultants can help you with your education consultancy needs. Talk to our experts today!