New Hope Capital Website

22 July 2020/ Uncategorized

New Hope Capital is pleased to announce to the availability of it’s new Website.

New Hope Capital is a Social Impact Investment company, seeking to find and fund new projects that will positively impact people and their lives. New Hope Capital is involved in leveraging unique free market mechanisms to solve complex problems. Operating as both a free enterprise consultant on new ideas and a funding mechanism for the best ones, we work to bring ground-breaking innovations to market.

With a range of interests including healthcare, education, development, and technology, New Hope Capital is working to create a better world. We believe today’s innovators are the architects of the future, and we believe in the power of the market to create strategic solutions to society’s most pressing problems. By seeking out and investing in innovative ideas and technologies, we illuminate fresh ways to capture the benefits of the free market for the public good.

Combining a passion for great technology, solution design, and social impact, we find that often the best solutions are hidden in plain sight, with just a small shift in perspective leading to the greatest changes. With over 20 years in the education and technology space, creating teacher training programs that have been used in 20 countries and IT systems used by some of the world’s largest corporations, New Hope sees the value in education and chooses to invest in the future.

Working with governments, institutions, and individuals to re-engineer operations, maximise efficiency, and elevate outcomes, New Hope Capital’s interdisciplinary approach creates a new perspective which sees opportunities take the place of problems.